Factorial, a start-up that develops the next generation of solid-state batteries, showed a prototype of its new 100 Amp-hour (Ah) cells at the 2023 Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The unveiling made its way into the keynote of Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, where he mentioned that the prototype solid-state cells have a 30 percent higher density than conventional lithium-ion batteries, which could enable a longer driving range or a lighter vehicle, depending on what the manufacturer wants to prioritize.

“With Factorial, we are in development of a proprietary technology that uses less cobalt. Coming by 2026, the solid-state battery may deliver up to 30% higher energy density compared to conventional lithium-ion, which could enable an even longer driving range or less weight. Together, we are already working on the next generation that will push this to 50%,” said Tavares during his CES keynote.

Factorial announced its partnership with Stellantis in November 2021 and has previously shown a 40 Ah solid-state battery cell concept. The company is also trying to leverage current lithium-ion battery manufacturing facilities to lower costs, using its so-called Factorial Electrolyte System Technology (FEST).

“Factorial is excited to showcase our large format solid battery cells in an automotive battery pack concept application at this year’s CES,” said Siyu Huang, CEO of Factorial. “Solid-state battery technology is rapidly advancing, and Factorial is proud to be at the forefront of cell development. We are immensely grateful to Stellantis for their close collaboration and partnership in bringing our technology to market,” the CEO added.

Late last year, QuantumScape, another solid-state battery developer, announced it shipped the first batch of its 24-layer lithium-metal cells to electric vehicle manufacturers for in-house testing. When we published that story, details about the capacity of the cell were unclear, with QuantumScape saying it’s “in the multi-amp-hour range.” By comparison, Factorial mentions that its solid-state battery cell can store 100 Ah.

Among the benefits of solid-state batteries are a higher energy density, the potential for very fast charging, and a lower risk of fires caused by high temperatures.

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