Spanish electric bike specialist Desiknio presents three new models for the 2023 model year with an emphasis on lightness and practical performance. The Spanish manufacturer leverages on world-renowned German manufacturer Mahle, more specifically with its X20 and X35 drive systems, for the new e-bikes for 2023. 

On top of this, the Desiknio leverages on cutting-edge technology to deliver a seamless riding experience. With the use of sensors to determine speed, acceleration, power consumption, and cadence, Desiknio makes use of artificial intelligence to tailor fit the bike's power output to suit the needs of the rider at any give time. Indeed, all this is sounding really interesting, so let's take a closer look at the three new bikes in question. 

Spanish E-Bike Specialist Desiknio Unveils Three New Models For 2023
Spanish E-Bike Specialist Desiknio Unveils Three New Models For 2023

Let's start off with the Desiknio X20 Pinion. Rocking the Mahle X20 system, which tips the scales at just 1.4 kilograms, the X20 Pinion is mated to an internal nine-speed gearbox with a Gates drive belt. It rocks an aluminum frame, and overall tips the scales at a reasonable 14 kilograms. As for the battery, the e-bike gets a 236-Wh unit situated in the downtube. The manufacturer, however, doesn't offer claimed range figures. It retails for 5,495 Euros, which translates to approximately $5,895 USD. 

Up next, we have the X20 Gravel, a higher-end machine that sports a carbon-fiber frame. Tipping the scales at only 12 kilograms, the Gravel is much sportier, and offers a 13-speed Campagnolo drivetrain. It's also rocking the Mahle X20 motor with a torque output of 23 Nm, and the same 236-Wh battery pack in the X20 Pinion model. Overall, the X20 Gravel is the most premium model, retailing for 7,495 Euros, or around $8,041 USD.

 Last but not least, the X35 Pinion is the most basic model in Desiknio's model range, and is equipped with the older Mahle X35 system. It makes use of a single-speed drivetrain with a belt drive. Those looking for a little more versatility can opt for the X35 11S, which gets a Shimano Deore XT 11-speed rear derailleur. The single speed version retails for 4,195 Euros ($4,500 USD), while the 11-speed model retails for 4,995 Euros ($5,360 USD). 

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