I'm sure a lot of you folks who are electric two-wheeler fans would be familiar with CAKE. By CAKE, I mean the Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer, and not the pastry. Over the course of the past few years, the company has released what are considered lightweight electric motorcycles and mopeds.

Some notable models include the Ösa, a rugged and utilitarian bike that doubles as a workbench, and the Kalk, a capable electric off-roader that's a cross between a mountain bike and a motocross bike, but in electric form. With an already impressive array of electric two-wheelers on offer, the Swedish brand has recently entered the beginner-friendly segment with a new pedal-assisted electric bicycle called the Åik. Now, the name Åik loosely translates to "big and heavy load," so you'd assume that this electric two-wheeler is certainly capable of handling such. 

Indeed, you'd be right, as the Åik has the goods to back it up. You see, the Åik has a carrying capacity of around 80 kilos, with 20 kilograms up front and 60 kilograms on the back. A bewildering array of racks, bags, trailers, baskets, and even a passenger seat can be attached to the modular aluminum frame. Additionally, it can be set up with up to three lockable 750Wh batteries for a total capacity of 2.25kWh, and a potential range of up to 224 miles.

Two street-legal versions of the CAKE Åik are available; in the US, it comes standard with a throttle and mid-drive 500W motor that has a peak power of 1000W and a top speed of 20 miles an hour. In contrast, pedal-assist alone is available in Europe, where you are stuck with a 250W motor that has a 500W peak output and a top speed limited to 16 miles per hour.

Regardless of the trim level, the e-bike can generate 100Nm of torque to begin rolling under a hefty load. Enviolo Extreme CVP hub gearbox support is provided for automated shifting that is flawless. Four-piston hydraulic disc brakes are used on both the front and rear wheels of the bike to stop it. Although the electric bike lacks onboard suspension, it does have substantial 20 x 3-inch tires to smooth out any jolts.

Swedish Electric Bike Maker CAKE Introduces The Utilitarian Åik E-Bke

It's also important to note that the Åik belongs to CAKE's Work line and is thus equipped with extras that are intended to make using the bike for business purposes more convenient. It has a GPS, Bluetooth, and GSM telematics device that works with the CAKE App and CAKE Fleet Management App. In terms of availability, the Åik is slated to begin delivering in May 2023 and is now up for presale starting at $6,470 USD.

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