The Tesla Model Y was Europe's best-selling passenger car overall in November, overtaking the Volkswagen Golf.

After falling out of the top 50 in October, the electric crossover rebounded strongly in November, with 19,144 units sold – a gain of more than 260 percent on the same month last year. The Model Y was also Europe's overall top-seller in September.

Tesla's European sales rose 97 percent in November to 31,820 units, largely because of the 260-percent surge in sales of the Model Y. 

The Model Y was the only EV on Europe's November sales podium, with the Dacia Sandero ranking second with a volume of 18,746 (up 16 percent) and the Toyota Yaris coming in third place with 17,309 sales (up 150 percent).

Year-to-date, the Peugeot 208 – which also offers an all-electric variant – is Europe's overall top-seller, with a volume of 193,743, according to Dataforce's preliminary numbers cited by Automotive News Europe. The French subcompact hatchback looks set to finish 2022 as Europe's overall best-seller.

Through November, six different models have finished the month as Europe's top-seller, but only two of them were all-electric – the Tesla Model 3 (March) and Tesla Model Y (September, November).

Interestingly, in Germany – Europe's biggest car market – the Tesla Model Y was dethroned in November by the Tesla Model 3. The sedan overtook the crossover as the most-registered electric vehicle in Germany, according to data from the country's national auto agency, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA).

Tesla sold 6,811 Model 3s in November in Germany, compared to 3,687 Model Ys. Last month also marked the start of deliveries for the refreshed Model S and Model X in Germany, with Tesla selling 106 and 35 units, respectively.

Tesla's deliveries in Germany hit record levels for the month of November, accounting for a 93-percent increase year-over-year for a total of 10,819 vehicles. November 2022 was the automaker's second-best sales month yet in the country behind September. 

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk famously predicted that the Model Y would become the world's best-selling vehicle overall in 2023. That certainly looks possible at the moment as the Model Y dominates sales charts in Europe and other regions.

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