Elon Musk seems to be even more active on Twitter after he bought the social media platform in October, even though users voted in a poll he created in favor of him stepping down as its CEO, which he announced he was going to do. Furthermore, one of Tesla’s biggest individual shareholders recently said that Elon was not really present as Tesla CEO and also asked that he step down and be replaced.

This came after he was seemingly perceived as focusing more on other projects and neglecting Tesla, as well as the fact that he sold Tesla stock even though he said he wasn’t going to do it. However, Elon says he has no plans to not be a part of Tesla and yesterday he went live on Twitter where he tried to dispel some of the negative views that had gathered about both him and Tesla.

In the embedded tweet below from @StockMKTNewz, Elon joins just after the stream's two-hour mark.


He made it clear that he was present for all the important Tesla meetings and that he is certainly not MIA as some had suggested. He also announced that after the last stock dump, he had no plans to sell any more Tesla shares for another 18 to 24 months, or not until around the year 2025.

Musk also tried to cull fears caused by the recent drop in Tesla share prices, which fell by as much as 50 percent this year. He believes that the company is apt to handle any economic scenario, even very negative ones, and commented that

I think Tesla will weather an upcoming economic storm better than any company. Unless the company is making bread. If you are a ship in the storm, even if you have a great ship, you are still going to be hit. There is latency in the supply chain.

He also touched on where Tesla might built its next Gigafactory, whose location has apparently yet to be chosen (although there have been suggestions and rumors), and the company is apparently cautious given the imminent recession that analysts keep pointing to. Elon said during his live transmission that

Deploying capital at the fastest rate we can without being wasteful. We are making investments, and can’t say too much, but we are close to picking a location for the next Gigafactory. We are being careful and deliberate about that. We are coming into recession in a strong position.

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