Tesla’s build quality has been questionable over the years, with the exterior paint usually being at the center of attention when it came to flaws and defects.

In fact, famous automotive engineer Sandy Munro once said that he would “sack the guy in charge and, during the shutdown, I would have had a whole new paint shop put in.”

Slowly though, things have improved, as shown by the various owners, bloggers, vloggers, and detailing experts who have voiced their opinions online.

And now, almost three years after Elon Musk announced that the Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany would have “the world’s most advanced paint shop in the world”, we finally get to see the shiny new Quicksilver paint up-close, thanks to Twitter user @thirionremi, who posted photos of this particular Model Y in a service center in Frankfurt.


And it’s quite the interesting look for the electric crossover, with various shades of silver, depending on how the light hits the surfaces. From some angles, it almost looks like it’s chromed instead of painted, which is pretty cool.

It’s certainly a shiny-looking thing, and together with the recently-detailed Midnight Cherry Red paint color, it makes for a compelling showcase of the Gigafactory paint shop in Berlin, where these paint jobs are exclusively made for the Model Y.

Both colors are rather pricey, though, with 3,000 Euros (around $3,200) asked for the Quicksilver option and 3,200 Euros ($3,400) for the Midnight Cherry Red paint. Compared to the other paint options, which range between zero for white and 1,600 Euros ($1,700) for Deep Blue Metallic, it’s pretty clear that you need to pay double if you want a really special color.

And it’s pretty special, considering it’s only available for the Berlin-made, Long Range and Performance versions of the Tesla Model Y.

This isn’t the first time we see the Model Y in Quicksilver, though. Back in November 2022, a model with this exterior color and a white interior was spotted in the parking lot of the Giga Berlin factory, indicating that Tesla has been building cars with this paint for some time now.

What’s your take on this new color - do you think it’s worth the price tag? Let us know in the comments.

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