BREKR, a Dutch electric two-wheeler specialist, expands its model lineup with a new, equally unique electric two-wheeler. Despite its motorcycle-inspired look, the new BREKR Model F fits squarely in the realm of electrically assisted bicycles. The Model F, with pedals and wide 22-inch tires, is eventually similar to a fat-tire bike, while also adhering to European e-bike laws with a top speed limited to 15.5 miles per hour.

The BREKR Model F has three assist modes and is powered by an electric motor from Chinese company Bafang that is built into the rear wheel. It has two battery options: 540 Wh or 700 Wh. In ordinary riding circumstances, the first provides 22 to 37.5 miles of range, while the second provides 28 to 47 miles. Furthermore, BREKR claims that under ideal conditions and in eco mode, the range should be 60 to 80 miles on a single charge. In both situations, the battery is detachable and locked with a key, and a full charge takes around five and a half hours. Aiding the electric powertrain is a two-speed automatic transmission, and a belt final drive.

Dutch E-Mobility Brand BREKR Presents The Model F Electric Bike
Dutch E-Mobility Brand BREKR Presents The Model F Electric Bike

Similar to other models from the Dutch manufacturer, the Model F gets a unique frame with a sloping top tube that flows seamlessly into the seatstays. The bike’s battery is also housed in the top tube. Meanwhile, a slim downtube flows towards the bottom of the e-bike, before separating at the bottom into the chainstays. The bottom bracket is mounted neutrally, giving the rider an upright and comfortable riding position. This riding position is very dynamic thanks to a long motorcycle-like saddle allowing you to slide fore and aft, as well as carry a passenger. The handlebars are pretty tall, as well.

BREKR has already started pre-orders on their website, where a First Edition edition costs €2,945 (about $3,127 USD). A deal that includes a large capacity battery, connectivity, and a limited-edition launch color. More specifically, the bike is planned to begin shipping in Europe in October or November 2023. Meanwhile, once the bike is available for purchase, the Model F will be offered in a more affordable regular form with a smaller battery. It costs €2,699, which is around $2,866 USD.

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