We just reported that Tesla delivered its first Model X Plaid in Europe, and now we learn that there is a wave of Model S and Model X vehicles heading overseas ahead of the end of the year. This makes sense as Tesla is working to meet its delivery guidance, but it's still a bit surprising to hear about Model X and Model S deliveries, especially outside the US so late in the quarter.

While we see all sorts of Model S and Model X Plaid eye candy online, and especially videos about drag races and lap records, we simply don't hear much about the Tesla flagships these days. The refreshed vehicles are very expensive, and Tesla's Model Y and Model 3 have really stolen the limelight. They're much more popular and affordable, and they're the only cars the automaker produces in multiple markets.

With that said, Teslarati just pointed out that it has been confirmed Tesla shipped another batch of Model S sedans, as well as Model X Long Range and Model X Plaid SUVs to Europe. As we've been saying, Tesla is pulling out all the stops this quarter to try to meet its goal of 50 percent year-over-year delivery growth. Like most global automakers, the US EV maker has faced many setbacks, and it appears it won't make it to that 50 percent, but it may still be able to get close.

Tesla was delivering the Model S and Model X vehicles in Europe just last week. It marked the very first deliveries of the flagship cars since they've been notably updated and upgraded. Teslarati says the EVs arrived at port in Belgium and headed to Germany and other European destinations.

Since then, the publication learned and confirmed that another shipment of both Model S and Model X EVs have already left the Port of Baltimore to head to Europe.

If you've been following Tesla for some time, you may remember that it typically tries to focus on exports and longer-distance deliveries earlier in the quarter. Later in the quarter, it shifts to primarily local deliveries, which can happen more quickly due to fewer logistical concerns. 

This strategy of shipping the flagship vehicles overseas so late in the quarter should allow Tesla to keep focusing heavily on local Model 3 and Model Y deliveries while also pushing the sales number higher by exporting the Model S and X at the same time.

How many cars do you think Tesla will deliver in 2022? Will it hit 1.4 million or more? For reference, Tesla delivered about 936,000 vehicles across the globe in 2021.

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