Our good friend and colleague Kyle Conner recently added the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck to his growing fleet of vehicles, for which he has to invest in a much bigger office space. He also got to spend a few weeks living with the GMC Hummer EV. While these are very different trucks, they're two of only three electric trucks currently available on our shores. Kyle shares which truck he prefers, and why.

As you can see as soon not long after the video starts rolling, the GMC Hummer EV is a massive beast compared to the Rivian R1T. The R1T is sort of a midsize pickup, though it's highly capable and impressively roomy. The Hummer, on the other hand, seems to be more about size, status, off-road prowess, and outright overkill than anything else.

For these reasons, the trucks likely appeal to a very different audience, and Kyle's commentary should help you easily decide which is right for you. And while we see the two electric trucks as near opposites in many ways, Kyle does remind us that they're both arguably "lifestyle, adventure" type trucks.

Both the R1T and Hummer EV are all about off-road readiness, but where the R1T is most suitable for Overlanding, camping, and family road trips, the Hummer EV is more geared to just kicking major butt and making sure you get loads of attention while doing it. Either way, you'll be the owner of something unique and really quite special.

Since Kyle has spent quality time with just about every new EV on the market, not to mention a whole host of vehicles in general, he has plenty to share. Now that he's had time to live with both the R1T and Hummer EV, he gives us a very solid idea of how they stack up in all the categories you'd expect.

With that, we'll leave you to watch Kyle work his magic. Which truck do you think he prefers? Do you think there was any point when he regretted buying the Rivian R1T?

Once you've had a chance to watch the relatively short video, head down to our comment section and let us know which of these electric trucks you prefer, and why? If money was no object, and you could take delivery of one or the other right this moment, which would you choose? Is your answer to both questions the same?

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