Fisker has posted a new rendering showing the Ronin, the model that should become its flagship around the year 2025, with an expected price tag of around $200,000. Had this been the very first shot shared of the model, we genuinely would have been very surprised at the fact that this is, in fact, a four-door convertible vehicle, much like we were when the actual first photo was shared.

As a reminder, a few months ago when Fisker published the first shot of the Ronin, all outlets (us included) were convinced that it was some sort of coupe-like hardtop EV, not a drop-top. Then Henrik Fisker had to post another shot of the vehicle with its top down to reveal that it was actually a convertible, much to everyone’s surprise given how rare topless four-doors are.

Mind you, the company has shown nothing but renderings showing the Ronin, and since it’s still a few years away and it has other models to launch first, we don’t expect to see the actual vehicle any time soon. The company will reportedly show a close-to-production concept next year in August, but there are no plans to start building it before the end of 2024.


In this latest rendering we can get a better look at the vehicle’s front end design, its unique lightning signature and the spectacular front doors that open upward and outward. We had not seen this previously and it makes us wonder how the rear doors will work - they could be rear-hinged.

According to Henrik Fisker, whom I talked to earlier this year about all the company’s major projects Ronin included, says that structural rigidity will not be an issue for the vehicle because it will ride on a very stiff platform that will ensure all of the needed stiffness to ensure it drives with precision. Now even if he said that, I couldn’t help but take it with a grain of salt knowing why automakers have mostly avoided this formula, with few very notable exceptions.

He also said the vehicle would have sports car handling, that it would be fun to drive and that it would have a very impressive WLTP range of 660 miles (over 1,060 km), although he did not share technical details.

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