We recently alerted you that Tesla started posting Cybertruck-related jobs on its Careers Page. In the past, we've pointed out Tesla's job postings for various positions, but at times, it's not abundantly clear what the position will entail. However, in the case of the Cybertruck, all the jobs we pointed out were clearly labeled as Cybertruck jobs. Now, Tesla has added several new positions related to Cybertruck production.

The Tesla Cybertruck first debuted back in 2019, and Tesla still hasn't launched the production version. In fact, the US electric automaker hasn't even updated its fans and reservation holders on the specifics related to the production version. We can only hope that those details will come sooner rather than later, since 2022 is quickly coming to an end. 

Changes to the Cybertruck's design and price could mean some reservation holders will no longer be on board. On the flip side, some people who didn't want a Cybertruck in the first place may be drawn to the unique electric pickup truck now that it seems it's truly coming to market, and perhaps it will have notable updates and upgrades to further entice people.

With all of that said, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised that the Cybertruck is finally coming in the second half of 2023. However, it seems it may not go into full-scale production until later in the year. If this is the case, some reservation holders could still be waiting a few more years to take delivery.

Musk's timelines have proven optimistic in the past, though Tesla typically does come through with the promised product, albeit years and years after it was first unveiled, and maybe not exactly comparable to what people expected based on the initial launch. However, with plenty of jobs posted and hiring seemingly underway, it may finally be safe to say some form of the Cybertruck will arrive next year, even if it's revamped, more expensive, and only produced in smaller batches at first.

As pointed out by Teslarati, not long after posting multiple Cybertruck jobs near the beginning of November 2022, the automaker has now posted many more. The first round of postings on Tesla's Careers page were all related to the Cybertruck Body in White (BIW). However, the more recently posted positions are arguably more specific to actual production.

To check out all the current Tesla Cybertruck job posting for yourself, head to Tesla's Careers Page and type "Cybertruck" into the search bar (we've already populated the search bar for you). As you'll see, there are multiple jobs related to "Stamping" and "Drive Unit." All positions are specific to Tesla's newest Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

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