We recently reported that Tesla may begin large-scale production of the Cybertruck toward the end of 2023, though we had the impression that perhaps the massive electric pickup truck would arrive at least slightly sooner. Tesla is already tooling the factory for the Cybertruck, and now it's hiring for several new job positions specific to the electric truck.

Not so long ago, it still seemed like the Tesla Cybertruck would never make it to market. Tesla pushed it back multiple times, it just seemed too huge and ridiculous to really make its way onto public roads, and there still hasn't been an official unveiling of the final product with pricing. 

That said, Tesla's recent Q3 2022 update showed that the Cybertruck is already in the tooling phase at Giga Texas. There have also been a few Cybertrucks on-site at the new factory, though onlookers and drone photographers admit that they may just be bodies.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has all but promised that the mammoth EV is set to arrive next year, which, at this point, is just around the corner. However, recent reports suggest that it could be late in the year before mass production begins. This could mean that Tesla will begin producing some pickups in small volume much sooner, followed by a slow and calculated ramp.

Related reports from sources familiar with Tesla's Cybertruck told Reuters that the US electric automaker will likely begin production around the middle of 2023. Ramping from the early stages of production to production at scale is expected to take a few quarters. We can only hope that the highly anticipated Cybertruck comes to market sooner rather than later.

While job postings and hirings don't provide any more concrete details, the fact that Tesla is tooling the factory and bringing in folks specific to Cybertruck-related tasks makes the electric truck seem like much more of a reality. Tesla has posted several Cybertruck jobs on its Careers page.

To be clear, we're not talking about jobs that would be or could be related to the Cybertruck, but rather, jobs that specifically mention the "Cybertruck" name in the job title itself. Have a look:

When do you think the first production Tesla Cybertruck will come off the assembly line? When will Tesla make the very first delivery?

If you have a Tesla Cybertruck reservation, let us know if you plan on following through with taking delivery, or if you'll probably cancel. Perhaps it depends a lot on the final design and pricing. What say you?

Lede Image Source: The Cybertruck Guy

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