Yamaha has long been a pioneer in the pedal-assist electric bike segment, and continues to be an innovator, even today, wherein a vast selection of electric bike is already available in the market. Indeed, some of the biggest players in the e-bike game, such as Giant, have turned to Yamaha to supply their electric motors. That said, Yamaha continues catering to the highly competitive eMTB segment with the new YDX-Moro.

The recently unveiled YDX-MORO 07 and YDX-MORO 05 represent the very forefront of Yamaha’s capabilities in the electric bike game. They feature the PW-X3 mid-drive motor, and a unique frame that’s built to withstand the most rigorous and technical trails. On top of that, Yamaha has integrated a bunch of cutting-edge technology to ensure that the YDX-MORO series of e-bikes deliver the smoothest most seamless pedal assists out there.

Take A Peek At Yamaha’s New YDX-MORO Electric Mountain Bikes

Rob Trester, the Manager of Yamaha’s Sport Power Vehicle Division and Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle group in the U.S. market explained in an article by Bike Rumor, ““As the company that created the world’s first electrically power-assisted bicycle nearly 30 years ago, Yamaha is recognized as one of the world’s leading innovators in e-Bike technology.” He emphasised that the two new electric mountain bikes seek to open doors to new electric mountain bikers, especially now that the electric mountain bikes, and the electric bike industry as a whole, have experienced unprecedented growth.

Gallery: Take A Peek At Yamaha’s New YDX-MORO Electric Mountain Bikes

As for the specifics, the YDX-MORO makes use of Yamaha’s lightest, most powerful, and most compact e-bike system to date. This has allowed the engineers t design the frame to be as light, nimble, and dynamic as possible. As for performance, the PW-X3 has an impressive torque output of 85 Nm, and a nominal assist of 250 watts. This power output can be cranked up all the way to 500 watts via the multiple assist modes provided by the e-bike interface. Speaking of which, there are seven modes to choose from consisting of Eco, Standard, High, MTB, Extra-Power, Automatic, and Walk Assist mode. All the e-bike’s features can be toggled via an intuitive three-colour LED interface, and can also be paired via Bluetooth to Garmin Edge cycling computers.

With regards to pricing and availability, Yamaha is set to make the YDX-MORO 07 available as early as December, 2022. It’ll be offered in two colors consisting of Dual Blue and Raven with Silver, and carry a price tag of $6,400 USD. Meanwhile, the slightly more affordable YDX-MORO 05 will hit stores early in 2023, and be offered in Forest Green. Price is set at $5,800 USD.

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