We’ve talked about a number of e-bike conversion kits recently, and it’s clear to see why these kits are a sensible gateway drug into the wonderful world of e-bikes, especially for those not yet willing to commit to the sometimes hefty cost of a new electric bicycle. This new electric kit called the Swytch is perhaps one of the more straightforward and reliable ways of transforming a standard bike into an e-bike.

From a pricing perspective, the Swytch is sure to attract a lot of e-bike curious folk at just $449. Indeed, it’s even cheaper than some high-end bike parts such as drivetrains and fancy suspension components. It’s also incredibly straightforward to install, and if done right seems pretty robust. It’s basically a complete replacement for your front wheel, meaning, yes, it’s a front-wheel-drive e-bike kit. Available in 13 different wheel sizes, it’s pretty much compatible with all types of bikes, including some folding bikes.

Diving into the specs, the Swytch e-bike conversion kit makes use of a 250-watt geared hub motor that mounts onto the stock front dropouts of your bike. It’s compatible with both disc and rim brake setups, too, making installation incredibly easy. Additionally, the battery pack mounts onto a bracket installed on your handlebars keeping the wires short and the installation relatively tidy. Battery-wise, you’re looking at a 36-volt, 98-watt-hour lithium-ion AIR battery pack. Swytch claims a rather modest nine miles of range, and charging time takes little more than an hour. The kit also comes with a pedal sensor for pedal-assist functionality.

Given those specs, it’s clear that this e-bike kit is meant for short rides around the neighborhood, or for commuters whose place of work isn’t all too far from their residence. There is, however, also a larger battery option available, but it’s the size of a tablet, and promises a range of 19 miles. Regardless, the setup is still pretty compact, and installation is super easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

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