The all-new Compact Neo e-bike from Cannondale, which has its sights set on the mobility market, could be a fantastic substitute for large electric bicycles. It flaunts unmistakable Cannondale styling with a tinge of retro flair, is compact, light, and decently portable. The Compact Neo e-bike is designed to transport riders in comfort from their work place to their house or across town without having the heavy feel of a conventional e-bike.

The 20-inch wheels and one frame size are some of the features of the Cannondale Compact Neo e-bike that make it accessible to a wide range of riders. The bike's universal frame size and easily adjustable seat and bar height make it easier to use by folks of all shapes and sizes, while the 20-inch wheels save weight and increase maneuverability in congested places. The Compact Neo e-bike is reasonably light weighing in at 18 kilograms. The frame's downtube neatly conceals the battery while maintaining a clean, minimalist appearance.

Cannondale Introduces The Practical Compact Neo E-Bike

The Cannondale Compact Neo e-bike folds partially for simple transit and tool-free storage since it was designed as a commuter bike with functionality in mind. The bars simply fold to lay flat over the top of the frame using a quick release. Because of the relatively standard folding mechanism used by the pedals, the bike is lighter and simpler to store and transport. A great advantage for individuals with limited space is the bike's ability to fit conveniently in a corner or office space when folded. 

Regarding performance and technology, the Compact Neo offers three distinct assist levels as well as a handy walk mode to aid when lugging it around places with heavy foot traffic. The Compact Neo e-bike has a seamless on/off pedal assist that allows for speeds of up to 20 miles an hour. You can climb the steepest hill or transport the heaviest loads with the help of the rear-hub Hyena drive system. A 250Wh battery supplies the bike with energy, which , according to Cannondale, can go up to 47 miles on a single charge.

As for pricing and availability, you'll be glad to know that the Compact Neo is surprisingly affordable, despite coming from one of cycling's most popular companies. For $1,999, the Cannondale Compact Neo e-bike is available for order via Cannondale's official website and retailers. Options for colors are Chalk white with acid-red reflective accents or Smoke gloss black with reflective branding.

Gallery: Cannondale Introduces The Practical Compact Neo E-Bike

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