A lot of people take on the sport of cycling to get fit in a fun and exciting way. The advent of electric bikes has brought practicality and added range to the table, but does this mean that the fitness aspect takes a back seat? Well, Cannondale, one of the world's leading bike companies doesn't think so, as its newest "fitness" e-bike, the Quick Neo SL 1 hopes to demonstrate.

Now, Cannondale has come up with its own subsegment of e-bikes, and that's the "fitness e-bike." In essence, what I understand it to be is sort of a hybrid e-bike that's more road oriented, but not quite as utility-focused as a commuter bike. Indeed, the Quick Neo SL 1 ticks all those boxes, and does so in a sleek, easy-to-use package. For starters, it's packing a simple aluminum frame—nothing fancy and high maintenance like carbon fiber, but not heavy and bulky like a steel frame. It also has low-rise mountain bike handlebars and a much more upright seating position than a road bike. 

Cannondale Introduces The Quick Neo SL Fitness E-Bike

The strongest selling point of the Cannondale Quick Neo SL 1 is undoubtedly its motor, and it's likely where a big chunk of the bike's $2,975 USD retail price goes. It's packing a Mahle X35 powertrain with a 250-watt hub motor and a matching 250-watt-hour battery pack that's integrated into the frame. Now, you may be thinking that 250 watts is not that much, and you'd be right, hence the term "fitness." The Mahle powertrain is enough to provide pedal assistance up to 25 miles per hour, but it isn't enough to be relied on solely to get around. As such, you'll still be cranking out pedal strokes, and hopefully, getting fit in the process.

The Quick Neo SL can ride for around 47 miles on a single charge, which isn't really much when it comes to long rides. However, for commuting and quick city trips, it should hold up just fine. The bike also comes with a 1x10 Shimano drivetrain with an 11-42T cassette, allowing you to find the optimum gear ratio to crank out pedal strokes alongside the electric motor. The bike doesn't get any suspension, but features Cannondale's dropped seatstay which is designed to absorb some road vibrations, as well as a carbon fork up front. 

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