Everyone seems to want in on the e-bike action. It truly is no surprise given their capacity to produce less taxing experiences, speedier trips, and less perspiration. But the majority are out of reach for the typical casual cyclist. In fact, the typical person only needs a machine that is adaptable, practical, and has swift mobility in an urban environment.

Furthermore, even while having cutting edge technology provides advantages, the vast majority of riders do not require bikes that are nearly as expensive as cars. Fortunately, Cannondale, a company that has been influential in the cycling world for decades, has a specific bike that is quick, versatile, operates on electricity, and, most importantly, costs less than $2,000. I’m talking about the Treadwell Neo 2 e-bike. This electric bicycle was created with the on-the-go generation in mind and is intended to feel right at home in an urban environment and nowhere else.

Cannondale Releases Treadwell Neo 2 Electric Urban Bicycle

For the Treadwell Neo 2, Cannondale is asking you for $1,925. Right off the bat, the bike’s pricing is really appealing, especially when you consider that it comes from a reputable company like Cannondale. You do get a bike that’s loaded with amenities for that price, after all. Because of the geometry of the frame, for instance, riders can expect simple mounting and dismounting. Cannondale uses aluminum for the frame, keeping costs down. The frame features a bend in the top tube, enabling a relatively low standover height. Additionally, the seat stays of the frame bear a striking resemblance to those of Cannondale's gravel bikes.

Now onto the bike’s defining feature, its powertrain. A rear hub motor from Hyena that’s rated for 250 watts is integrated by Cannondale. Additionally, the bike's down tube has a sleekly built-in 250 watt-hour battery pack. For the record, Hyena is a Taiwanese company that has been producing e-bike components since 2013. Some people might compare them to Bafang in terms of providing dependable and inexpensive e-bike powertrains.

CD2Cannondale Releases Treadwell Neo 2 Electric Urban Bicycle
Cannondale Releases Treadwell Neo 2 Electric Urban Bicycle

According to Cannondale, at least, all this technology translates into some rather astounding practical applications. According to the manufacturer, under ideal circumstances, the Treadwell Neo 2 can travel 47 miles on a single charge. The bike's top speed with pedal assistance is 20 miles per hour. All of this ought to be more than enough to enable you to move around the city without exerting too much effort.

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