Most of us have grown up with some exposure to the Schwinn brand. Given that Schwinn bikes have been around since 1895, you can assume that the majority of bicycle enthusiasts worldwide are familiar with them. It appears that this firm is just as active as they were more than 125 years ago, since they continue introducing new models, and are now keeping up with the latest cycling trends by making their own e-bikes.

Schwinn Releases Stylish Mendocino Commuter E-Bike

With a starting price of $1,600 USD, Schwinn's newest commuter-focused electric bicycle, the Mendocino, continues the company's tradition of making bikes that are affordable for the average person. The Mendocino's frame is made of 6061 aluminum, which isn't particularly sophisticated, but what matters is how it is fashioned. It has the appearance of a classic beach cruiser and is mostly used for leisurely rides through cities or the countryside  However, it does have two advantages for new and occasional cyclists: comfort and safety, which are made possible by the step-through design of the frame.

Schwinn Releases Stylish Mendocino Commuter E-Bike

It's fascinating to see that Schwinn has taken special care not to alter the bike's vintage appearance when integrating its tech features. Schwinn made the decision to fit the battery array neatly into the luggage rack at the back rather than to make any changes to the frame tubes. This indicates that there are no longer any large components on the frame that you need to avoid with your knees. Additionally, adding batteries to frames necessitates new manufacturing techniques, which will certainly drive up the cost of the bike.

The 250-watt rear hub motor on the Schwinn Mendocino allows it to reach 20 miles per hour. Even better, it has a throttle function, so you can use it to go back home in comfort exactly like a tiny electric motorcycle. Schwinn states that its range is around 45 miles on a single charge, but we all know that this number depends on a wide variety of factors. The Mendocino also has a KMC chain, a basic Shimano Tourney derailleur, and RevoShift shifters. Additionally, the frame is one-size-fits-all, underscoring its attractiveness as a cost-effective option.

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