Recent reports out of California point to a Tesla Model Y that was hit by an Amtrak train during a road crossing. There are still mixed details about how the strange accident occurred, with some onlookers blaming the driver of the EV and others not so sure exactly what happened. Regardless, the driver only sustained minor injuries.

We've read, watched, and shared loads of news about accidents involving Tesla's vehicles, and while there's no way to prove with 100 percent certainty that the electric automaker's cars are much safer than rivals', there have been many lives saved. In fact, it's not uncommon to learn about a wicked Tesla crash after which the driver, and sometimes even the whole family, walked away.

Electric cars have built-in safety measures that aren't necessarily in place on traditional gas-powered cars. Not having an engine up front means there's much more open space to work with in designing crumple zones. Thanks to their skateboard-style battery packs, EVs' low and heavy center work to keep them planted on the ground and less prone to rolling over.

At any rate, according to a report by the NBC Bay Area news, an Amtrak Capitol Corridor train crashed into a Tesla Model Y on Martin Avenue in Santa Clara, California. The crash happened last week, on Wednesday morning. As you can see from the footage, the Tesla's airbags deployed, the rear end of the car was ripped off, and there were various parts strewn about the scene.

Onlookers claim the Tesla was sitting on the train tracks when the warning sounds started and the safety guardrails began to come down. It seems the crossing arm may have even hit the Tesla vehicle, which reportedly startled the driver.

People at the scene said the driver, who may have been distracted, got out of the Tesla to move the safety arm off of the car, then got back into the car to quickly proceed off the tracks. Others simply noted that it appeared the Model Y driver may have tried to beat the train before it crossed the road.

The news reports shared by Teslarati suggest the driver only had minor injuries, and that no other drivers were injured. However, debris from the collision did hit other people's cars. There were also reportedly no injuries to anyone on the Amtrak train.

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