Not long after revealing the bZ3 electric sedan for China, Toyota released this dark teaser showing a similar bZ model. Its overall dimensions appear to be the same as the bZ3, but its rear end is evidently not a sedan rear end, with the visible hatchback seam on the rear part of the fastback-style roof.

Toyota has said hardly anything about the mysterious model (that it doesn’t appear to have previously shown), solely stating that it is currently “under development.” And it doesn’t look like it’s simply a hatchback version of the bZ3, judging by the strong crease that you can see starting right above the front wheel arch - the bZ3 doesn’t have that.

Even so, we expect the design of the front and rear fascias to be very similar to the bZ3 and bZ4X, especially when it comes to the style of the light clusters. We’re also sure the model teased here will ride on the same e-TNGA platform and have very similar or even identical technical specifications to the sedan.

Since Toyota has stated that the bZ3 sedan is a China-only affair, perhaps this model is the Japanese automaker’s more globally-minded model, a vehicle that would serve as a rival for the Tesla Model 3 in other markets around the world, like Europe and North America - this seems like the most logical explanation for what this is, although there’s nothing to grasp on to today in order to confirm this.

It doesn’t look similar to any of the 16 models that Toyota showed as concepts last year, with the closest being the coupe-like version of the bZ4X, which could possibly be called bZ3X. But the vehicle in the teaser doesn’t appear to be a crossover (although it could be, since we can’t see any of its lower part) and it’s likely a new development since those concepts were shown.

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