Tesla has started production of the long awaited Semi truck, but apparently not much is know about the place where it is built. Reports indicate that Tesla does own the building and we even checked Google Maps to verify this (where the south part of the building is listed as a “Tesla warehouse”), but it seems even many company employees are being kept in the dark about what exactly is going on there.

Teslarati points out that even in the Q2 Earnings Call, Tesla opted to not mention where the Semi is being built, simply listing the location as “TBD” (to be determined). And it seems the Semi secrecy is real, as the source article provides a quote from an unnamed person with knowledge of the matter, who said referring to the manufacturer that "they are super hushed about anything Semi-related."

The building located at 550 Milan Drive in Sparks, Nevada, right next to the Tesla Giga Nevada facility. When we checked on Google Maps, though, it still listed the north part of the building as still being home to an organic product market, which had received recent reviews, so we presume it is still operating under the same roof.

According to the Teslarati article, which quotes a report from Kidder-Mathews (the real estate company that sold the building), Tesla purchased the building back in Q2 2020 and that it has brought automotive parts to the location.

Another possible confirmation for this as being the place where the Semi is built lies in the VIN number decoder that Tesla sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It apparently lists the Semi’s production location as N, which designates the site in Nevada where the Gigafactory is located, and considering the building that’s the subject of this article is right near the big factory, it seems to further confirm the claims.

Tesla has already confirmed that is on-track to finally begin Semi deliveries by the end of 2022, some five years after the electric truck was first shown. Elon Musk expects that the very first examples will be officially handed over on December 1 to Pepsi which placed an order for 100 trucks back in 2017.

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