Moke International has announced its US return with the Electric Moke Californian, described as the first genuine version of the original Mini Moke to go on sale since 1982.

The improved and more powerful Electric Moke Californian will be the only highway-legal Moke vehicle available in the US in 40 years when it launches as a zero-emissions reinterpretation of the original 1964 Mini Moke.

The Electric Moke Californian is hand-crafted in the United Kingdom to the same specifications and standards as the Electric Moke that recently went on sale in Europe. However, its name is a US market-specific tribute to the 1977 Moke Californian, an uprated version of the Mini Moke that was sold in America until 1982. 

"This is a momentous time for MOKE International. It’s great to be able to offer the US market a genuine MOKE car for the first time in 40 years. The original Moke Californian represented an incredibly important chapter in the company’s rich history; we are proud that the MOKE lives on and can be enjoyed in the electric era."

Isobel Dando, CEO MOKE International

Gallery: Electric Moke Californian

The new Electric Moke Californian is powered by a 44-horsepower electric motor driving the rear wheels, which enables it to do 0-34 mph (0-55 km/h) in 4.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). 

The open-top electric vehicle offers a range of 80 miles (120 kilometers) on a full charge of its lithium-ion battery, subject to WLTP testing. That is enough to cruise Route 101 down to Malibu Beach from Santa Barbara. A full battery charge takes four hours on a US Type 1 charger. 

Moke International will announce further details on when the Californian electric vehicle will go on sale in the US, as well as pricing, in the coming weeks. 

Mind you, there already is a Moke EV on sale in the US, but from another company called Moke America—which has been sued by Moke International over the use of the Moke trademark. Moke International owns the original 1964 British Motor Corporation Moke trademarks and is recognized in over 100 jurisdictions as the owner of the Moke brand.

Moke America sells an electric LSV (low-speed vehicle) version of the Moke with a starting price of $22,975 before delivery and other charges. Meanwhile, the highway-legal Electric Moke sold in Europe by Moke International starts at £34,980 ($39,400) in the UK.

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