What do you get when you combine a stand-up electric scooter with an e-bike? Well, you get this weird looking two-wheeler. It rolls on bicycle wheels and has a tubular alloy frame just like a bike. But instead of swinging a leg over it and perching up on a saddle, you step onto it, and move forward by actuating a thumb throttle. It’s a simple, albeit strange concept, and it’s called the Vinghen Ti1.

The Vinghen Ti1 is not really a new product, despite the fact that it recently went live on Indiegogo. In reality, it was originally made available on crowdfunding portals two years ago. Deliveries were supposed to begin back then, in September 2020, but, as is the case with most things in the last two years, things didn't exactly go as planned. Regardless, the Vinghen Ti1 is now, again, looking for funding, and it has been updated somewhat to bring it up to snuff with today's standards.

The Vinghen Ti1 has a standing position, thus there is no seat available with the electric two-wheeler. It rides the same way as a stand-up e-scooter, but with bigger wheels and tires and a more robust frame. The Ti1 has the dimensions of a bicycle but the riding experience of a scooter, with an added touch of stability, and promises to deliver the best of both worlds—particularly in convenience and safety—of bicycles and scooters.

The Vinghen Ti1 is operated by the thumb throttle on the handlebar, and riders must place their feet on the plywood deck much like they would on a scooter. The bike comes in ten different colors, has a kickstand, and rolls on front and rear tires of 26 inches and 20 inches, respectively. Other features include an LCD display, a standard bicycle handlebar, an aluminum frame, and mechanical or hydraulic brakes, depending on your trim level of choice.

Depending on the configuration you select, the Vinghen Ti1's rear hub motor can provide up to 500W of continuous power. This gives the two-wheeler a top speed of 18 miles per hour . Additionally, the Ti1's internal battery has a 720Wh capacity and can go up to 30 miles on a single charge. This should be adequate for city commuters and for around-town duty. It also represents an improvement over the first model, which had a 20-mile range.


The Vinghen Ti1 is currently the focus of another Indiegogo campaign, and according to its manufacturer, it is 40 percent less expensive than typical electric bicycles. Granted, it is also slightly more expensive than your traditional electric kick scooter. With that being said, the electric two-wheeler is available for an early bird price tag of $1,200, with deliveries anticipated in March, 2023.

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