The Chinese-made Mobilize Limo, created by the Renault-Jiangling joint-venture, noted a solid 4-star safety rating from Euro NCAP.

With Adult Occupant protection of 80%, Child Occupant protection of 75%, Vulnerable Road Users protection of 69% and Safety Assist at 71%, there is not much to complain about - especially for a car unveiled in 2021 as an EV for taxi or car-sharing systems.

That's an interesting outcome, considering that Renault and its Dacia brand disappointed last year in terms of BEVs safety - the Renault ZOE received zero stars, while the China-made Dacia Spring received just one star, which was highly criticized by Euro NCAP.

Now, a completely different all-electric sedan proves that four stars is not a problem for a Renault-related company. Actually, the result could be even higher if only the Mobilize Limo got some active safety tech, which is typically reserved for more expensive models.

"The electric sedan Limo from Renault-Jiangling joint-venture Mobilize are in general solid performers but they did not stand out due to the omission of equipment or marginal performance in some of the active safety tests."

The Mobilize Limo is equipped with a 60 kWh battery and has a WLTP range of 279 miles (449 km).

The car will not be available for traditional sales, but solely through a subscription service. The first 40 cars are expected to enter service in select European cities by the end of this year, which only adds to the already rising tide of Chinese EVs in Europe.

2022 Mobilize Limo Euro NCAP test results:

  • Adult Occupant protection - 80 percent
  • Child Occupant protection - 75 percent
  • Vulnerable Road Users protection - 69 percent
  • Safety Assist - 71 percent

See all details here.

Crash tests include:

  • Frontal impact test - 50% of the width of the car is striking an oncoming deformable barrier (both traveling at 50 km/h/31 mph)
  • Frontal impact test - the car impacts a rigid full-width barrier at 50 km/h (31 mph)
  • Side impact test - a mobile deformable barrier impacts the driver's door at 60 km/h (37.3 mph)
  • Pole test - the tested car is propelled sideways into a rigid pole at 32 km/h (20 mph)
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