Lucid is preparing to do its most significant over-the-air software update rollout to date, which should bring several quite important improvements to the user experience. The manufacturer calls this new version of its software Lucid UX 2.0 and says it brings changes to the screen graphics, how the screens and headlights work and it also adds semi-autonomous driving features.

In the official press release for Lucid UX 2.0, the company says that while there are “hundreds of updates and new features,” they “won’t be immediately noticeable, but they help lay the important groundwork for other significant improvements.”

Lucid says that the first thing Air owners will observe once the update has been made is how quickly the screens will boot up. The so-called “instant-on” displays will not have you waiting for anything to boot up so that you will be able to drive the vehicle immediately after sitting in the driver’s seat.

Lucid UX 2.0
Lucid UX 2.0

New graphics for both the Glass Cockpit (the digital driver’s display) and all the other screens in the vehicle promise to make finding and using all of the vehicle’s features sleeker and better than before. Some of the buttons within the infotainment have been relocated, and according to Michael Bell, Senior Vice President of Digital of the Lucid Group,

This extensive software update, comprising tens of millions of new lines of source code across nearly every updateable computer in the vehicle, is achievable because the Lucid Air was engineered from the start with the capability to get better over time. Thanks to our integrated software and hardware engineering, Lucid has the in-house technical depth to enhance our vehicles long after they leave the assembly line.

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Lucid also changed how the turn-by-turn navigation instructions are shown on-screen on the main display - they now appear on the center screen, whereas before they were shown on the right display. The range prediction will also be more accurate in UX 2.0 and it will also have more built-in Alexa voice commands.

Enhancements have also been brought to the headlights, DreamDrive and the Advanced Driver Assistance systems. The update adds safety features like Rear Pedestrian Collision Protection and Highway Assist with active lane centering, and there’s also a new De-Ice Mode that automatically tries to make it possible to see through the windscreen when it’s covered up with snow and ice.

Lucid has already started rolling out these features via several over-the-air updates and it will keep sending updates for the next several weeks.

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