Today's commuter e-bikes are getting lighter and smaller than before. This makes perfect sense given that commuter e-bikes are designed to be transported around cities, inside elevators, buses, and trains in addition to being used for transportation on public roads. As a result, the ideal choice is typically an ultra-compact, modern e-bike that can fold. An excellent example is this cool new folding e-bike from Zectron, which also has a clever trick up its sleeve.

The e-bike will initially be offered in a variety of hues, all of which are intended to highlight its futuristic style. It boasts what the manufacturer refers to as a unibody frame, which basically means that the bike’s frame is made out of one piece of metal. This is said to provide a higher level of comfort. The Zectron uses aerospace-grade magnesium alloy for the frame, a material that’s highly praised for its lightweight, yet sturdy properties. Zectron has a proprietary suspension system in addition to its patented frame design, which is intended to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

Internal cable routing on the Zectron folding bike adds to the e-bike’s clean, minimalist aesthetic. In just two simple steps, the e-bike can be folded, making it simple to store and carry in a bus, the train, your car, or under your office desk. As for technology, a 3.9- inch display mounted to the handlebar shows all the vital information pertaining to your ride such as the bike’s state of charge, range, and speed. Rounding up the techie doodads are a built-in GPS tracker and smartphone integration allowing you to keep tabs of your bike through your smartphone.

The folding e-bike has a 350W motor and can travel at a top speed of 20 miles per hour in line with U.S. e-bike regulations. The Zectron will be calibrated to travel at 15 miles per hour in Europe, which has stricter rules pertaining to e-bikes. The e-bike comes with a five-level pedal assist, allowing riders to fine-tune the pedal feel according to the terrain. The Zectron e-bike’s range, for which the manufacturer claims that one full charge of the battery can last you up to 150 miles, is unquestionably its main selling point. Pretty incredible, no?

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Unfortunately, Zectron hasn't provided any details about the battery's specifications, so it's unclear exactly how it’s able to achieve such impressive range figures. On top of that, the retail price of the Zectron is still a mystery, too, as the brand has yet to reveal any info on the bike other than the stuff listed above. Having said that, the e-bike should soon be available for purchase on Indiegogo, possibly at a special discounted rate for early birds.

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