Nowadays, we’re surrounded by smart vehicles loaded with cutting-edge technology. These vehicles take the form of cars, bikes, and everything in between. Self-driving technology has advanced by a significant margin, and more and more manufacturers are leveraging the technology. Even bikes, too, are getting in on the autonomous driving game, with the Weel EV-B concept bike being a machine that brings e-bike tech to a whole new level.

The bike has an aluminum frame and a futuristic appearance. Its design was influenced by Tesla's Cybertruck, and was created by three U.S.-based visionaries named David Hansen, Justin Corbett, and Dylan Meehan who wanted to develop a stylish electric two-wheeler that was controlled by software, and had self-driving capabilities. Although this bike is still in the prototype stage and not yet for sale, you could get a good notion of what it is capable of.

You can use the specialized app to tweak everything on the EV-B because software controls practically every part of it. You can manage the bike's brakes, pedals, throttle sensitivity, and much more depending on the laws that apply where you are riding it. Even while the software restricts the bike's top speed, depending on how you tweak it, you can still reach 50 miles per hour. The Weel EV-B replaces parts like chains, gears, and cables with regen pedals, motors, wiring, and several sensors, allowing the onboard computer to have control over nearly all the aspects of the bike.

Even better, the smart bike features an inbuilt 360-degree dash cam in the front. It also has radar and LiDAR capabilities, and can brake and predict forward collisions. Additionally, it gradually adapts to your riding style, optimizing its performance to best suit your needs. The Weel Copilot function is one of the niftiest features on offer, as it acts as a self-driving system keeping you balanced even if you're not holding the bars.

We currently don't know much about the bike's motor or battery because the majority of its specifications haven't been made public yet. Weel does note that they are totally configurable, so when this bike makes its formal debut, anticipate a vast range of options. The Weel EV-B is anticipated to cost in the $5,000 range, which is actually rather affordable considering how much technology is crammed into this device.

With all those things on the table, I’m not exactly sure just how this bike will be received in the cycling community. I mean, don’t we ride bikes because we enjoy the feeling of control, freedom, and the no-frills, simplistic mobility that accompanies it? Nevertheless, the Weel EV-B represents a massive technological step forward—something that well and truly defines the future.

The Weel EV-B Is A Self-Driving EV Cosplaying As An E-Bike
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