ONYX Motorbikes is a relatively young player in the electric mobility game. Unlike a lot of its competition, however, ONYX focuses on the fun aspect of the two-wheeled lifestyle, and its products really show this off. It’s not a budget-focused brand, either, with its models all assembled by hand with a three to four-week lead time before orders are shipped out.

The brand’s newest offering is an updated version of the popular RCR e-bike, and it takes what’s good about e-bikes and mashes it up with everything there is to love about dirt bikes. The result is a rugged electric two-wheeler that can go pretty much anywhere your heart desires—as long as you’re on solid ground. That being said, the 2022 RCR is offered in two trim options—Street and Dirt, with the main difference between the two being the tires.

The ONYX RCR Is A Rugged E-Bike With A Dash Of Retro Styling

From a styling perspective, the 2022 RCR is a retro-inspired machine featuring a round headlight and even some wood panels to give it a boutique aesthetic. In terms of stance, it’s more electric motorbike than it is bicycle, as it has a long scrambler-like saddle, dual rear shock setup, and double-crown front fork. Performance-wise, the RCR goes beyond any street-legal e-bike restrictions thanks to its 3-kilowatt electric motor with a peak output of 5.4 kilowatts, and a torque output of 142 ft-lbs. This gives it a top speed of 55 miles per hour, depending on the terrain you’re on, as well as the weight of the rider.

The ONYX RCR Is A Rugged E-Bike With A Dash Of Retro Styling

A 23Ah/5A or 41Ah/10A battery capacity is available. The latter has a range of up to 120 miles, which is more than sufficient for local travel. Even though it appears to be rather compact, this e-bike weighs 66 kilograms in total, including the detachable lithium battery pack. The RCR also has disc brakes with regenerative capabilities, and the suspension is a traditional front fork with a dual-rear coil-over configuration. The three speed settings on the e-bike are Eco, Normal, and Sport. Additionally, it contains a fully functional display that shows information such as the clock, battery level, and speed.

In contrast to the base Street model's regular price of $4,749, the Onyx RCR is presently being sold for a discount price of $4,549. The Dirt version, meanwhile, gets knobby tires, fork gaiters to keep the dirt out, front and rear fenders, and a luggage rack for added practicality. It’s currently offered at a promotional price starting at $4,749, as against its usual pricing of $4,949. For more information on the ONYX RCR, as well as all the possible configurations of this electric two-wheeler, be sure to visit the ONYX official website linked below.

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