Most people are likely well aware by now that Tesla has a large order of cars from Hertz. The rental company said it ordered 100,000 Model 3 sedans, and it had to pay full price and get in line behind individuals who had already ordered. While we assumed Tesla may have other, significant fleet orders, there was little news of it.

Now, a story published by Electrek cites sources familiar with the matter as it explains that Tesla is going to deliver a large number of fleet vehicles at the end of Q3 2022. The goal is to set another all-time delivery record, which is really the goal every quarter. However, all recent news points to Tesla delivering a massive number of vehicles for the quarter, and the potential for delivering large fleet orders could push that number even higher.

Many companies and organizations have considered eventually swapping out their gas-car fleets with electric cars, and some are already moving forward with plans. Taxi companies, rental car companies, and the like can benefit from moving to fully electric fleets, and some are already following Hertz's lead.

The sources told Electrek that Tesla will deliver "large portions" of fleet orders, such as some number of the nearly 100,000 it owes Hertz. Reportedly, Avis and Enterprise are starting to buy Teslas, and the EV maker also has orders to fill with various EV subscription services.

The CEO of Autonomy, Scott Painter told the publication he expects to get about 500 new Tesla vehicles prior to the end of this week. Electrek says the EV subscription service aims to have 10,000 Model 3 by the end of 2022, and it also paid full price for them and is waiting in line for periodic deliveries in batches.

The CEO went on to explain that it has been hard to get the orders delivered in a timely manner. Tesla has been delivering fewer than expected in the past due to a myriad of external factors. So, perhaps this quarter is a time to catch up on all those orders. Q2 2022 was a difficult quarter for the automaker, in general, so this potential plan would make sense.

Painter went on to say that Tesla confirmed deliveries will increase more in Q4. He said Autonomy should see a 70 percent increase in deliveries next month, followed by a whopping 400 percent increase for Q4 as a whole.

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