While it seems Tesla is constantly cranking out cars across the globe, it all goes to a whole new level at the end of each quarter. Despite CEO Elon Musk's earlier words about Tesla perhaps limiting these crazy quarter-end surges, the automaker is already headed into another that stands to be substantial.

With just about a week left in the quarter, it's "Go" time for Tesla, and in reality, the push has already been underway for some time now. In short, Tesla delivers products furthest from its factories early in each quarter, due to lncreased ogistics and longer timelines. As the quarter gets closer to its end, Tesla becomes much more focused on local deliveries from its factories. For this reason, Tesla's factory in Fremont is buzzing.

We know this happens every quarter, there are plenty of reports about it, and Tesla has been delivering a record number of cars. However, most of us don't get an opportunity to understand what it's really like. Now, thanks to Instagram user Aristotle Sacramento (@arisyabish), we have a photo that seems to tell it all:


If it's not clear, Aristotle reportedly works at Tesla, and he's taking the photo from his parking spot at the Fremont factory. He says it's far from where he typically parks, and that people will be fighting over parking spots when everyone starts showing up for work. The most interesting part is the picture was taken at 3:56 AM. The Tesla employee wrote:

“I usually park right in front of that Tesla sign but today, it’s a fully packed house since it’s the end of the quarter. Guess what time it is? Freaking 3:56am! There will be folks fighting over parking spots, I guarantee you that.”

Tesla has had many consecutive quarters of success with both production and deliveries, as well as its financials. However, Q3 2022 is an especially important quarter for Tesla. Due to its Gigafactory in Shanghai being closed earlier this year, the automaker reported a lack of delivery growth for Q2 2022.

That said, the company still stands behind its goal of 50 percent growth year over year, which means delivering about 1.5 million EVs in 2022. Production and delivery figures for Q3 2022 will paint a picture for investors about how the rest of the year stands to progress for Tesla.

How many cars do you think Tesla will deliver globally for Q3 2022? Will it achieve its growth goal for the year as a whole? Leave us your insight in the comment section below.

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