It's refreshing to learn something new about Rivian this week. Our good friend Kyle Conner was lucky enough to check out the brand's new Ocean Coast light interior, which Rivian just launched. Kyle got to see it up close and in the flesh and recorded a video to share with us.

Kyle credits a few other friends, Branden Flasch and Kalie Bouchard, AKA @EV Nomads. Katie and Branden are also social media and YouTube influencers, and they recently took delivery of a new Rivian R1T. The electric pickup truck is fitted with the new Ocean Coast cabin, and Kyle just had to see it. Fortunately, the new owners were delighted to bring the truck to Kyle's neck of the woods for an in-depth look.

While we see stories delay about Rivian's struggles, we're relatively confident that they'll eventually fade. It's to be expected that any automotive startup is going to struggle, and that's precisely why newly successful car makers are few and far between. Complicate the situation by being an EV-only startup that's coming to market in the midst of a global pandemic, financial crises, and supply chain constraints, and Rivian is looking at a long road ahead.

That said, Rivian is making plenty of progress, and it has a lot to offer. It seems these struggling companies attract so much attention to the negatives, that we sometimes miss out on the progress they're making. 

Kyle also recently took delivery of his own Rivian R1T, but he had to go with the Forest Edge interior. He admits that he was skeptical about the interior's color, but it looked different depending on the lightning. The Ocean Coast option wasn't yet available, and he wanted to go with the Black Mountain option, but ended up settling for the Forest Edge.

In the video above, Kyle first takes us on a tour of his R1T so we can see the darker Forest Edge interior. Next, he gets to see the Ocean Coast option for the very first time in the real world. To say Kyle was impressed would be an understatement, though the lighter colors may not be for everyone, which is precisely why we share such videos with you.

Chances are, many people reading this article and checking out the video can't just quickly drive up to their local Rivian dealer and see all the interior options side by side. In fact, there may not be a Rivian store near you, and the chances are slim that each store has multiple vehicles on hand equipped in various ways.

With all of that said, check out the video above to see the new Rivian Ocean Coast interior. Then, let us know which option you like best. Would you rather go with the darker Forest Edge or the Black Mountain? If you've ordered an R1T, let us know which options you chose.

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