Volkswagen has just unveiled a brand new concept vehicle based around the ID.4 GTX, which it showed at the international ID. Treffen event held on the banks of Lago Maggiore in Italy and Switzerland. The concept is called ID Xtreme and its purpose is to show that a sporty electric crossover built on the MEB platform can be modified and transformed into a capable off-roader.

According to Silke Bagschik, who is the Head of the MEB Product Line at VW,

The modular electric drive matrix (MEB) has enormous technical potential. For many of our customers, vehicles are much more than just a means of transport. With the ID. XTREME, we are raising electric mobility from VW to a new performance level.

The ID. XTREME is made by enthusiasts at Volkswagen for ID. enthusiasts here in Locarno. We are really eager to find out how the fans of electromobility react to the vehicle. Based on the feedback from our community, we will decide how to proceed with the project.

Gallery: Volkswagen ID. Xtreme Concept

In other words, if the automaker deems the model’s reception positive and it sees commercial potential, it sounds like it may spawn a production version. But what exactly has Volkswagen changed?

Well, it has raised suspension, more power (382 horsepower), special off-road wheels and tires, a special off-road front bumper, 50-millimetre (2-inch) wider fender flares, and a light bar on top of the ID.4 to not only help with night time visibility, but to also make it look more like a proper off-road vehicle. The underside of the vehicle also gets a complete aluminum plate protection to shield the 82 kWh battery pack from potential damage off-road.

VW was able to get more power out of this concept by using a high-performance rear motor, suggesting that you couldn't bump your ID.4 GTX's power output to the same level just by tweaking the software.

Would you like to see the manufacturer offer something similar to this or would you just modify one yourself? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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