I’m sure a lot of you would agree that electric bike performance is sort of getting out of hand. These days, we’re seeing electric bicycles capable of achieving speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour, and with thousands of watts of output. While at first, I was skeptical about the rules and regulations surrounding electric bicycles, now I’m perfectly onboard, as putting a kid on an e-bike like the one we’re about to talk about is a surefire recipe for disaster.

You see, I’ve been into motorcycles for pretty much all my life and I’ve had the privilege of riding some of the fastest bikes the world has ever seen. Now, the fact that I was even surprised at the performance figures of the UltraTrek King E-Cheetah could be a testament of just how bonkers this bike is. Capable of a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour, or 87 miles per hour, this electric bike will certainly be capable of giving you some tight butt-clenching moments off-road. Now, I say off-road, because, duh, there’s no chance in hell that this e-bike is going to be road-legal pretty much anywhere, as it’s simply too fast and powerful.

At this point, it’s probably worth noting that there’s a less powerful version simply called the E-Cheetah, but its 5,000 watt motor and top speed of 53 miles per hour still goes well beyond the realm of street-legality. With that out of the way, powering the UltraTrek King E-Cheetah is a monstrosity of an electric motor with a nominal output of 15,000 watts, and topping out at 18,000 watts—that’s 24 horsepower in a machine that weighs less than 45 kilograms. From a torque perspective, the electric motor churns out an incredible 190 Nm of torque, allowing this thing to climb the steepest, most technical terrain.

With all these figures on the table, you may be wondering what kind of technology UltraTrek has stuffed into the bike’s underpinnings in order to allow it to withstand such enormous power and torque figures. The E-Cheetah is equipped with a rather burly steel frame with a full-suspension design allowing the frame to soak up some bumps as well as some of that power emanating from the rear wheel. It also gets a KK suspension fork with 150 millimeters of travel, as well as an in-house developed rear shock capable of withstanding forces of up to 453 kilograms.

As for the battery, the King E-Cheetah packs a Sony/Panasonic 72V, 60AH battery that promises a range of up to 80 miles on a single charge, provided you don’t blast your way at top speed that much. If that isn’t impressive enough, you can outfit the bike with a bunch of solar panels, allowing you to charge the bike off the grid in just seven hours. Furthermore, a whole host of functional upgrades such as cargo and luggage options can all be added for a bit more cash. Needless to say, for just $5,000 USD, the UltraTrek King E-Cheetah is quite possibly the cheapest EV capable of such performance out of the box.

The UltraTRX King E-Cheetah Is A Bonkers E-Bike With 18,000 Watts Of Power
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