Electric vehicles have a whole lot of power, and it's instant. If you haven't driven one and aren't familiar with instant torque and ridiculous acceleration, you should proceed with caution until you're comfortable and confident. That said, even seasoned EV owners can lose control of their cars, and now this Ford Mustang Mach-E is going to need some work, not to mention the poor garage.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a fully electric crossover that closely rivals the Tesla Model Y. The Mach-E looks sort of like a Mustang, and it's quick and fun to drive, but it's much more practical than a "normal" Mustang thanks to having four doors, five roomy seats, and a good amount of cargo space.

At any rate, when Ford first talked about using the Mustang name for a four-door SUV, it was made very clear that some hardcore Mustang fans were unhappy. Fast-forward to today, and many people have raved about the Mach-E's performance, and there are certainly some lifelong Mustang owners who have fallen in love with the electric crossover. Car Scoops writes via Mach-E Forum:

"But there’s still a hardcore band of old-school pony car fans that think the Mach-E is a Mustang pretender. And it’s only the fact that it’s a four-door crossover that’s the problem, or that you can’t order one with a V8 or manual transmission. What really raises suspicions that the EV isn’t a real Mustang is the general lack of pictures and video on the internet of them being crashed in seriously embarrassing circumstances."


While we have no official comment related to the quote, there now officially exists images of a Mustang Mach-E that was crashed rather embarrassingly, though we don't have many details. The article goes on to say that we may not yet have footage of a Mach-E involved in some of the wild and crazy incidents we've seen Teslas involved in, but this is certainly newsworthy since it's important to learn about the reason for the accident.

After looking at multiple sources, it appears everyone is still just speculating about what may have happened here. With that in mind, we will say that the general consensus at this point appears to be driver error rather than some issue with the car. If more information about the crash becomes available, we'll update this article to keep you informed.

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