The world of high-performance electric mountain bikes just keeps getting better and better. As technology advances, what was once perceived as the bleeding edge of tech becomes more common, and as a result, a lot more affordable. While high-end eMTBs like the one we have here today are by no means cheap, they at least offer the very best in tech and performance to the casual, cash-loaded cyclist.

Now, we’ve talked about FREY e-bikes once before. The brand previously entered the touring e-MTB segment with the Runner. Retailing for $2,580 USD, the Runner will surely be more to the liking of the casual rider or serious commuter. That said, FREY has upped its game in the performance sector with the launch of the Beast, its newest, full-suspension electric bicycle that’s equipped with some of the flashiest bits and pieces in the market.

FREY Introduces Beast Electric Mountain Bike Packed With Upmarket Features

Diving right into the technical details, the Beast is clearly designed as an all-mountain/ enduro bike, and its frame geometry clearly shows this. The frame is made out of a combo of carbon fiber and aluminum, more specifically, the front triangle of the frame is made of carbon, while the rear linkage is made of a heavier, albeit more impact-resistant aluminum. Additionally, the Beast rocks a mullet configuration, meaning it gets a 29-inch front wheel to run over bumps and obstacles with ease, and a 27.5-inch rear-wheel, making it a little bit nimbler when exiting corners at speed.

FREY Introduces Beast Electric Mountain Bike Packed With Upmarket Features

From a performance standpoint, the Beast packs a powerful mid-drive motor from Bafang. With a peak power output of no less than 1,800 watts, the Beast is truly aptly named, and should make minced meat of even the steepest climbs, allowing you to save your energy for the exhilarating descent. Powering the motor is a 1,470 watt-hour battery that’s integrated into the bike’s carbon fiber down tube. FREY claims a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge, however, how steep you climb and how reliant you are on the electric assist could change this figure drastically.

Apart from the powertrain, the Beast packs quite a lot of eye candy. For starters, it gets a RockShox Lyric RC fork and a Super Deluxe coil spring at the back. The suspension setup is good for a total of 160 mm of suspension travel on either end. Additionally, a pair of top-shelf Magura hydraulic brakes offer superior brake modulation, inspiring confidence on fast-paced, technical downhill sections. Plus, the SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain offers precise and crisp shifting. Last but not least, the bike’s ergonomics package is perfect for the skilled enduro rider with wide handlebars and a dropper post all as standard equipment.

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