We've been telling you for months, if not years, that if you order a new Tesla today, you'll likely have to wait many months or even a year or more to take delivery. It all depends on which model you choose, which trim, which options, etc., as well as your location, among other variables. If you move to the used market instead, chances are, you'll have to pay a premium.

Tesla recently opened a new factory in Austin, Texas, which is solely focused on the Tesla Model Y, at least for now. The brand's factory in Fremont, CA, has been setting records related to production, and Tesla has made notable upgrades at its factory in China, which are drastically reducing Model Y wait times. The other new factory in Berlin is also ramping up much like the Texas Gigafactory.

With that said, Tesla has greatly increased the number of vehicles it's able to produce across the globe, with the Model Y being the primary focus. Thanks to a constant push in Fremont and some 1,000 Model Y crossovers per week now coming out of Austin, it appears delivery estimates are getting more reasonable. However, keep in mind that they're simply estimates, and anything may change going forward. We'll have to watch and see if Tesla is actually able to deliver these cars as quickly as it's hoping.

At any rate, based on a tweet published by Sawyer Merritt, Teslarati reported that US-based Model Y Long Range reservation holders may get their cars a bit sooner than they previously anticipated. This is impressive since the Model Y is the best-selling EV on our shores and one of the top-selling cars across the globe.

According to Tesla's official website, if you order a Model Y Long Range today, you may be able to get it before the end of 2022. However, you have to stick with the $2,000 Induction Wheels. If you opt for the wheels that come standard, the delivery estimate moves to at least March 2023. Previously, the cheapest Model Y Long Range had a delivery estimate of April 2023 to July 2023.


It's important to note that when you visit Tesla's online configurator and click on the Model Y Long Range, the $2,000 wheels are automatically added, taking the starting price to $67,990. If you don't want the optional wheels, you have to "click off" by choosing the standard 19-inch Gemini Wheels.

If you want a Model Y more quickly, the Performance model has a delivery estimate of September 2022. Tesla's more expensive models typically deliver ahead of the cheaper options.

The Model Y Performance starts at $69,990, so $4,000 more than the cheapest Model Y, and just $2,000 more than the Model Y Long Range with the wheel upgrade.

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