Mercedes-Benz has two electric cars joining the growing list of new EV recalls, and it's not the first recall for the German luxury automaker's electric cars. According to information from an article on, Mercedes is recalling some 7,810 electric vehicles worldwide for "faulty threads of the towing devices."

The recall impacts both the fully electric EQE sedan and the EQS, which is referred to as a sedan, though it's actually a liftback or hatchback. The report also notes that only 1,746 of these particular electric vehicles are affected at home in Germany, so the remaining ~6,000 are being recalled by Mercedes-Benz across the globe.

Electrive notes that while the recall doesn't appear to be a devastating issue, it will certainly be cause for concern and annoyance for Mercedes-Benz. The publication shares that according to the KBA recall database, the problem may be related to the depth of the screw threads for towing devices. The automaker isn't aware of any injuries or property damage related to the problem. 

More detailed information about the recall came from the German publication Auto, Motor und Sport. Per Electrive, the publication explains that the issue with the faulty screw threads is such that the “required screw depth of the towing eye in the thread of the towing device might not be reached.” If the threads are faulty and don't allow the screw to enter deeply enough, the screw connection may loosen.

When a vehicle goes in to have the problem addressed, the towing devices are checked. If the issue is found, the screw threads are reworked to ensure that they're designed properly and will remain safe and secure.

Mercedes-Benz has already recalled both the EQE and EQS in the past. The automaker recalled 341 EQE sedans across the globe for steering concerns. The EQS is already under a recall in the US for a potential fire hazard related to faulty ground connections. The electric sedan was also previously recalled for issues with its charging cables and infotainment glitches.

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