Tesla has made a significant move and removed the possibility to order the Model 3 Long Range in the US and Canada from its website.

The Tesla Model 3 LR AWD is no longer available for order and is grayed out at the bottom of the list with an annotation "Available in 2023."

Previously it was offered at $57,990 (without DST and order fee) with an estimated delivery time (new orders) of Q4 2022/Q1 2023 depending on the configuration.

It means that customers interested in a new Tesla Model 3 must currently choose between the entry-level Model 3 RWD and Model 3 Performance (LR AWD).

The Tesla Model 3 LR AWD is expected to return in 2023, but it's not clear when exactly.

Once the change was discovered and raised questions, Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied to one of his followers by explaining that the queue is too long. Not only that but he also added that it will return when the production increases.

"Waitlist is too long. Will enable again as we ramp production."


We are not sure whether this answer is fully satisfying, as actually most of the Tesla models have long estimated delivery times. The Tesla Model Y, ordered today, is expected in mid-2023.

In other words, if the queue is the reason, then why is only one particular Model 3 version affected?

Tesla Model 3 estimated delivery time (new orders, US):

  • RWD:
    18" Aero Wheels: Nov, 2022 - Jan 2023 (Nov 2022-Jan, 2023 with options)
    19" Sport Wheels ($1,500): Oct-Dec, 2022
  • Long Range AWD: To be available for order in 2023
  • Performance: Oct-Nov, 2022

Anyway, it might be a pilot move with one version and one model to start somewhere. Some speculate that Tesla maybe is preparing for 2023 and a revised federal tax credit, which might require price adjustments to get under $55,000 and maybe some tweaks to the specs.

It will be also interesting to see what will happen on the production side.  Perhaps higher output at the Fremont factory?

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