Motorcycles are certainly not for everyone, but e-bikes are the next best things and appeal to a much wider audience. Of course, as with most things in life, imagination unlocks endless possibilities, so we can always imagine that our electric bikes are in fact powerful motorcycles. The whole imagining process is indeed a lot easier if your e-bike is designed like a motorcycle.

The Buxus Eva Blurs The Line Between E-Bike And E-Motorcycle

This is the case with the Buxus Eva, an electric bicycle in theory but one that obviously takes design cues from the motorcycle industry. Buxus Eva, which the manufacturer refers to as a "e-bike with a motorcycle spirit," is a strong, quick, and long-distance capable e-bike—not  only on the road but, off-road, too. You might wonder, how? Well, the foundation of this two-wheeler is rather robust. The e-bike is made of a sturdy aluminum frame, features a saddle that absorbs shock, and has 20-inch fat moped tires mounted on cast alloy wheels. It also has hydraulic rear shock absorbers and an inverted front fork.

The Buxus Eva Blurs The Line Between E-Bike And E-Motorcycle

Regardless of the terrain, all of the aforementioned factors combine to provide smooth, uneventful rides. A lower center of gravity also improves stability and makes the Buxus Eva suitable for a variety of riders. There are two variants of the off-road competent two-wheeler: Eva S and Eva. With a 1000W mid-drive motor and a peak speed of 38 miles per hour, the S is the most potent model. This variant also includes a 1,200Wh battery with promises of up to 75 miles of range per charge. The basic Eva, on the other hand, has a 750W hub motor, a top speed of miles an hour, and a 960Wh battery that provides range of up to 64 miles.

Both bikes have a specific app that enables keyless operation, and they also have an integrated alarm system that cuts the power in the event of unauthorized access, or say, should your phone fall out of your pocket while you're riding. The company has not yet disclosed the price of the Buxus Eva e-bike, but it will do so when it launches an Indiegogo campaign soon. In the interim, you can learn more about the Buxus Eva by visiting the official website, which is linked below.

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