As you're probably already aware, Toyota just recently brought a fully electric crossover to market. The Toyota bZ4X has only been on sale now for a few months, though it's already subject to a serious recall. Now, Toyota has sent a letter reminding owners not to drive the car and outlining the situation as it currently stands.

Toyota recalled the bZ4X electric SUV for fear that its wheels could actually fall off. More specifically, the bolts that connect the SUV's wheels to its body may be loose or may become loose, causing the wheels to begin to separate from the vehicle body. In a worst-case scenario, the wheels could completely fall off the car. Toyota wrote:

"The hub bolt may loosen due to repeated sharp turns and sudden braking. Therefore, if you continue to drive in that state, abnormal noise will be generated, and in the worst case, the tires may fall off.”

More recently, Toyota sent the following letter to bZ4X owners. As you can see, in the very first paragraph, Toyota has written in bold font:

"... and continue to ask that you not allow the vehicle to be driven until a remedy is available."


The letter is not only a reminder of the recall and the safety concerns involved, but also an update. Toyota admits that it doesn't yet have a fix in place for the vehicle. While it will be a major inconvenience for new Toyota bZ4X owners to park their vehicles indefinitely, Toyota is going to great lengths to help its customers.

The automaker notes that owners should contact any authorized Toyota dealer to arrange to have their vehicle picked up. The dealer will pick it up, transport it, and store it for free until a recall fix becomes available.

In addition to the above, Toyota is offering several remedies to help customers amid this frustrating situation. The automaker will continue to provide a free loaner car and pay for fuel while the customer's bZ4X is in storage. For owners who paid in full, Toyota is issuing a $5,000 credit to be used for monthly lease and/or loan payments.

Toyota is also extending bZ4X owners' complimentary fast-charging through EVgo. Since the owners can't use the free charging while their vehicles are being stored, Toyota will extend the date to December 31, 2024. The automaker is also extending the bZ4X's Vehicle Limited Warranty to account for the time the car can't be driven.

For owners who simply don't want to deal with any of this, Toyota has offered to buy back the vehicle. The automaker writes that someone will be reaching out to each bZ4X owner soon to go over the options in detail.

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