Trek isn't exactly a bicycle manufacturer known for its budget-friendly offerings. The brand has cemented its name as one of the icons of the cycling world, across all categories—be it for sport or leisure. In the e-bke world, Trek has also made a name for itself with some thoroughly high-end eMTB and road bikes, some of which cost upwards of $7,000 USD. 

Indeed, a price tag like that is enough to scare off beginners in the e-bike world. Thankfully, Trek is shifting its attention to the entry-level market, more specifically, the commuter-focused market. In doing so, it has released two new models in the form of the Dual Sport+ and the FX+. To keep the prices down, Trek has done away with fancy motors and components, instead, both models feature a 250W hub motor, no suspension, and basic Shimano components. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Trek Dual Sport +

Trek Introduces Two Affordable Commuter-Focused Electric Bicycles

The Dual Sport+ is simply an electric variation of Trek's current Dual Sport series; the bike is offered in step-over (Dual Sport+ 2) and step-through (Dual Sport +2 Stagger) formats. Both cost $2,399. That's less than half the price of some of Trek's other e-bikes. The 250W hub motor is what allows the Dual Sport+ to have such a modest price tag. The motor has the same continuous rating as the majority of commercial e-bikes, but its 40 Nm of torque is unquestionably at the bottom end of the range. That said, speed was never really the name of the game for this one. 

The bike qualifies as a Class 1 e-bike in the U.S. when fully powered, providing assistance up to 20 miles per hour. To keep things simple, the Trek Dual Sport+ simply offers three pedal assist settings. It does have a torque sensor in the bottom bracket, which is said to provide assistance that feels natural to use. It is easy to choose between power settings and check your battery charge level with the remote located on the left side of the handlebars, which is nice and streamlined, without taking up much room.

The Dual Sport+ has a 250Wh battery that is concealed in the frame. Trek claims that it can travel 35 miles on a single charge, but an additional battery that fits in the water bottle holder is available as a range extender and doubles that distance to 70 miles. The bike weighs 17.5 kilograms as a result of the modest motor and battery system. The bike also has an excellent Shimano hydraulic disc braking system, a lower-end 9-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain, and front and rear LED lights.

Trek FX+

Trek Introduces Two Affordable Commuter-Focused Electric Bicycles

The Trek FX+ takes the adaptable platform of the Dual Sport+ and somewhat dials it down. As a result, it is probably the preferable choice for regular commuting and city riding. In addition to having fenders and a rear rack already attached, it is also remarkably affordable, costing just $2,499 for both step-over and step-through variants. The Trek FX+ electric bicycles have many of the same electronic parts as the Trek Dual Sport+ versions. A torque sensor is located in the bottom bracket, and there is a 250W hub motor and 250Wh battery integrated into the frame.

However, because of its geometry and somewhat narrower tires, the bike has a bit more of a street-focused feel to it. Nevertheless, a lot of the bikes' mechanical foundations resemble those of the Dual Sport+. The feature list includes a hydraulic brake system from Shimano, a nine-speed Shimano transmission, and built-in front and rear lighting. The fact that the FX+ includes luggage racks as standard equipment may be what drives up the price just a little bit.

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