Little by little, people are starting to realize that no, you don't need a V8-powered, 7-seater SUV for your daily errands run and to get you around the city. Scooters and bicycles, and more recently, electric bicycles, have proven to be worthy replacements for these around-town trips while offering you a few benefits alongside the mobility they offer. Savings on gas, as well as getting to enjoy the fresh air are just a few of those. 

Now, electric bicycles continue to evolve to serve more specialized use cases, and this couldn't be truer with the cargo e-bike. For those not in the know, a cargo e-bike may sound like something reserved for a tradesperson, or someone who uses it as part of their job—say, last-mile delivery, or something of that sort. Well, in reality, a cargo e-bike is something nearly everyone can find useful. The truth is not everyone has the luxury of time to go on a bike ride just for the heck of it, and chances are you ride your bike to get somewhere, and so a cargo bike just makes sense for carrying your daily essentials around. 

The KBO Ranger Is A Budget-Friendly Cargo E-Bike

All that considered, a good number of people looking to make the shift to electric-powered two-wheelers will likely have a budget they'd like to stick to. KBO's newest product, the Ranger cargo e-bike, will likely fit the bill at just $1,600 USD. At a glance, this rugged commuter looks like a heavy-duty machine, and it certainly is. Its robust frame and wide tires mean that it can carry a payload of up to 181 kilograms, and its punchy motor pumps out enough watts to make the steepest climb a walk in the park. 

Speaking of performance, the KBO Ranger packs a hub motor with a 750-watt output, and an 840 Wh lithium-ion battery pack. Said battery is capable of running through 900 charge cycles throughout its service life, and offering a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge, depending on the way you ride it, of course. The cherry on top comes in the form of all the practical accessories you can mount on the bike. Stuff like carriers, running boards, and a variety of luggage racks mean that you can configure the ranger as a nimble commuter, or a utilitarian beast of burden. 

The KBO Ranger Is A Budget-Friendly Cargo E-Bike
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