Electra, the electric bike branch of world-renowned bicycle maker Trek, has introduced two new electric bikes with a focus on utility and affordability. The Cruiser Go! and the Townie Go! 7D EQ have just hit the market, and both bikes are positioned as more affordable options within the brand’s otherwise performance-oriented sporty model range.

Electra had previously used Bosch motors in its e-bikes, but the two new models employ a drive system created and manufactured expressly for Electra and Trek. Both city e-bikes are powered by a 250W rear hub motor capable of providing 40Nm of torque. The motor, in turn, draws power from a 250Wh integrated battery located in the bike's downtube. This not only lowers the center of gravity, allowing for a convenient and easy riding experience, but allows the bikes to maintain their streamlined aesthetics.

Trek’s Electra Sub-Brand Adds Two New Commuter Models To Its Lineuo

Getting things started with the Townie Go! 7D EQ, whose geometry is its distinguishing feature. It has an upright seating position with the option to rest your feet firmly on the floor at any time. The Townie Go! 7D EQ provides three degrees of power assistance via the previously mentioned hub motor. It has Shimano 7-speed gearing, mechanical disc brakes on both ends, lights, and mudflaps for added convenience while commuting. Other variants of the Townie Go! will set you back around £3,000 ($3,600 USD) or more, but the 7D EQ, as previously said, focuses on affordability, and costs just £1,750, or the ballpark of $2,105 USD.

Next, we have the Cruiser Go!, Electra's first bike, is constructed with utility and simplicity in mind, but with a more easygoing personality. It's a straightforward single-speed e-bike with the same 250W hub motor as its geared sibling. With pricing starting at £1,600 ($1,925 USD), this bike falls into the more affordable category, and will undoubtedly appeal to first-time electric bike buyers. The Shibori Go! is a snazzier-looking and slightly more costly variant, which has fancy tassels and an overall vintage design, and is available for £1,750 ($2,105 USD).

Trek’s Electra Sub-Brand Adds Two New Commuter Models To Its Lineuo

Both the Townie Go! 7D EQ and the Cruiser Go! are offered with either step-through and step-over frames, making them suited for a diverse range of riders. Kevin Cox, president of Electra Bicycle Company stated in an article by eBike Tips: "At Electra, we always say that our best bike is our next bike. The Cruiser Go! and Townie Go! 7D certainly passed that test. Combining our long-standing experience creating comfort bikes with the latest e-bike technologies has resulted in these two new models.”

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