Folding bike enthusiasts will be all too familiar with Brompton. The English cycling company, known for producing predominantly folding bikes, has been in the business for more than 40 years now, and yet, it continues to reinvent itself. Earlier in 2022, Brompton released its what it claimed to be the lightest folding bike ever, the T Line, at just 7.4 kilograms. Now, an electric version of this bike has been introduced in the form of the P Line.

The folding style that made Brompton well-known is maintained in the P Line. There are two types of the new Brompton bicycle: Urban and Urban Roller Rack. Everything about them is the same, with the exception of the weight, wherein the Urban Roller Rack version has a 341 gram rack for increased functionality. Since the rack is shaped to fit the bike's center of gravity, it is hardly noticeable when the bike is in motion. It has a carrying capacity of up to 10 kg. The bike is just 645 mm tall, 565 mm wide, and 270 mm deep when it is folded.

Say Hello To The New Brompton P Line Electric Folding Bike
Say Hello To The New Brompton P Line Electric Folding Bike

The bike's frame is built similarly as that of the T Line, with heat-treated steel tubing for the front half and titanium for the back. Only 15.6 kilograms make up the lightest folding e-bike made by Brompton. Meanwhile, the Urban Roller Rack variant weighs 15.9 kilograms. That said, both models are light enough to carry around—either for loading into the back of a car, or for trips on the subway.

Both bicycles have a 4-speed transmission and Continental 349 x 35C tires. They have a 300Wh battery that enables ranges of 20 to 45 miles per charge and a 250W brushless motor that can provide pedal assist up to 15.5 miles per hour. Obviously, where you ride and your riding habits will have a big impact on these range numbers. Furthermore, for people who want to use the P Line as a daily commuter, the battery has a USB outlet for charging portable gadgets like your phone. With the included 2A charger, the battery may be fully charged in four hours.

As with all things Brompton, the P Line isn't exactly a budget-friendly electric bicycle. The Urban version starts at £3,695 translating to approximately $4,400 USD, while the Urban Roller Rack has a starting price of £3,775, which makes out to around $4,500 USD, per current exchange rates.

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