The technology found on electric bicycles is approaching what you’d more commonly find on electric motorcycles. While this is all well and good for the most part, one can’t help but wonder when too much technology simply takes away the essence of actually riding a bicycle. That said, a good number of these tech features are being introduced to address safety concerns, so they’re at least worth considering.

After all, an efficient and dependable anti-lock braking system could prevent up to 29 percent of all accidents involving electric bicycles and pedelecs, according to tests done by Bosch Accident Research. As such, the tech innovator has updated its e-bike ABS for the 2023 model year. The new Bosch e-bike ABS keeps the rider in control even in emergency braking conditions and greatly lowers the chance of falling or being flung over the handlebars.

Bosch Introduces New E-Bike ABS And Other Tech Innovations

Now, ABS is nothing new in the world of cars and motorbikes. In fact, nearly every single car sold in the market today is equipped with ABS. Bosch was the pioneer of this, and brought this technology into the automotive industry more than 40 years ago. As such, it’s not surprising that Bosch is innovating this technology to work on electric bike braking systems, too. In fact, Bosch has been offering ABS for electric bikes since 2018, and now, it has updated this tech to offer even more reliability and safety.

Bosch e-bike Systems now offers the smallest ABS ever created using motorcycle technology with the launch of its new ABS. Furthermore, Bosch asserts that almost all electric bicycle models may be fitted with its most recent innovation. Bosch says that the control unit of the new Bosch e-bike ABS is 77 percent smaller and 55 percent lighter than its predecessor, and because of its tiny size, it merges seamlessly into the aesthetic of most e-bikes.

For the new e-bike ABS, Bosch offers a variety of modes, each of which is best suited for the braking needs of various e-bikes. For instance, riders of eCargo bicycles equipped with Bosch's ABS Cargo benefit from quick, safe, and more precise braking even when they are hauling a heavy load. ABS Touring, on the other hand, is perfect for using electric bikes in cities where changing road conditions, pedestrian crossings, and traffic signals are unavoidable realities.

To allow eMountain bikers to safely tackle gravel roads, light trails, and woodland roads, ABS Allroad was built for simple off-road riding for more adventurous riders. Last but not least, ABS Trail mode is primarily geared for sporty eMTB riders who frequently ride on technical trails and challenging terrain. Riders can simply switch between ABS Allroad and ABS Trail mode with the flip of a switch via an app or the e-bike display, which makes things even better.

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