When you drive the Rivian R1T off-road, it’s all so effortless and easy that you may forget just how rough the ground that you’re going over is. In other words, it makes off-roading easier and more accessible, as well as quieter, and that’s what Tesla Raj wanted to capture in what he calls a “fan made commercial” for the new EV truck.

In the video’s description, the uploader writes:

Had a chance to really have fun with not just any truck but a Rivian R1T in the dirt, water, rocks and more! I used the footage to create a commercial of sort and what it felt like to really see what this truck can do!

The R1T has really been getting a lot of love. Initially from journalists, who were blown away by how good it was on-road, then transforming into a rock-crawling master at the touch of a screen. When we drove the R1T off-road, we really tried to challenge it, but at least on the trails that we’ve taken it on, the 835 horsepower quad-motor truck fared really well.

With 8 modes to choose from for many different types of terrain and surfaces, the R1T takes full advantage of its standard air suspension to vary the ride height between its 7.9-inch low point all the way up to a 14.4-inch maximum. The manufacturer put out its own video explaining exactly what each of the modes does, which settings are changed and how you can expect it to perform.

Now we were certainly expecting it to be a solid off-road vehicle based on its specs, but what we weren’t expecting from the R1T was how good it was in Sport mode. In this mode, the ride goes down to a lower 10.5-inch point, everything is stiffened up and the electronic traction nanny allows you to actually go around corners sideways with plenty of control, doing a very surprising impression of a sports car...

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