Tesla's Giga Berlin is now officially the largest industrial employer in the entire Berlin region. The facility has been growing more and more over the past few months and currently employs around 5,000 people. When at full production capacity, Tesla anticipates that the plant will have 12,000 workers. Furthermore, the 5,000 or so current workers at Giga Berlin are set to receive a 6% pay rise this August. 

Giga Berlin is currently producing 1,000 cars a week, an impressive figure given the factory only opened in March. Tesla wants the multi-billion-dollar plant to eventually make 500,000 EVs per year. Over the coming months, Giga Berlin will continue to expand as Tesla moves toward that target. It's estimated that the factory could be making around 3,000 cars a week later this year, with that ultimate goal of 9,600 per week potentially achievable by the middle of the decade.

For the moment, only the Model Y is being produced at Giga Berlin. However, in the long term the Model 3 will also be made at the factory. Whether or not Tesla will ever make the Model S or X at Giga Berlin is less clear. Tesla still hasn't released the updated S and X in Europe and is no longer displaying expected delivery times for either on its European sites.

Next week Tesla will shut down production at Giga Berlin so several upgrades can be made and a shift system can be put in place. The closure will reportedly last for 10 days, from July 11 to July 22. Meanwhile, Giga Shanghai is currently closed so it can undergo similar upgrades.

Tesla produced 258,580 vehicles last quarter. Meanwhile, in Q1 the firm built 305,407 cars. Combined, Tesla made 563,987 EVs in the first two quarters of 2022 and is well on track to deliver over 1 million cars this year. The bulk of production takes place at Giga Shanghai - Tesla's Chinese facility produced over 70,000 cars last month alone.

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