Ryan Shaw has owned his fair share of Tesla vehicles, from the entry-level Model 3 midsize sedan to the flagship Model S Plaid. He also owns a Model Y crossover. The tech reviewer recently got his hands on a Lucid Air to check out and share. He goes into great detail about the electric sedan's pros and cons.

The Lucid Air is the first true Tesla Model S rival to come to market. Interestingly, rather than being developed and produced by a legacy automaker, the Air comes from a startup. Shaw talks about the fact that Lucid and Rivian are among the few successful startups in the space. 

While Lucid is a relatively new startup on the scene, it has managed to produce and deliver the longest-range EV to date. The Lucid Air certainly isn't cheap, but some will argue that you're getting your money's worth thanks to its exceptional driving range, extremely quick charging, incredibly luxurious interior, and intuitive tech features. The Air also boasts ludicrous acceleration, excellent overall driving dynamics, ultra-comfortable seats in both rows, and generous cargo capacity.

The range-topping Lucid Air Dream Edition P (performance) makes 1,111 horsepower. It can rocket from zero to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. The Dream Edition R (range) has 520 miles of range. Other trims offer horsepower ranging from 480 to 804, and an electric range of over 400 miles. Prices start at $87,400 and climb to well over $150,000.

Shaw is impressed with the Air's multiple displays, though he says they tend to lag a bit, and they take some getting used to. Thankfully, there are plenty of physical controls for ease of use while driving. He spends a good portion of the video taking us through the screens and interior features, what they offer, and how to use them.

The Air features a large panoramic windshield that makes its already spacious cabin feel even roomier. Shaw shows the windshield in the video and reveals that its visors and other items sort of hamper the windshield's appeal. He appreciates the Air's level of luxury, though he says there are still some creaks and issues with fit and finish, similar to Tesla's vehicles.

Finally, Shaw takes us for a ride in the Air to highlight its acceleration and driving dynamics. His personal experience with the Model S Plaid makes it interesting to watch. The Air's acceleration really wows Ryan, and he says over and over that it feels like the Plaid.

After you've watched Shaw's review of the Lucid Air, visit our comment section below to share your takeaways. Do you agree with Ryan's assessment of the Air? If not, what can you add that might help prospective owners?

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