The Lucid Air is, on paper at least, a seriously compelling package. While some electric sedans like the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan focus on performance, and others like the Mercedes EQS prioritize comfort, the Lucid Air seemingly blends the best of both worlds. YouTuber Tesla Joy recently spoke to Lucid owner Ian. He swapped his Model S for an Air, taking the 14th production car Lucid built. 

Ian has owned his Air Dream Edition for around 6 months. He has an extensive history with Teslas, owning everything from an original Roadster to a Model Y. Hence he was interested to see how another EV startup would fair. He's a big fan of the Air's interior and luxury features. He likes the fact that Lucid still uses a lot of hard buttons as opposed to everything being digital.

The Air is also rather practical, with lots of storage space and a massive front trunk. The infotainment works well, meanwhile you get frequent OTA updates. Lucid's driver assistance setup, DreamDrive, isn't quite on par with Tesla Autopilot yet.

The Air is capable of 350 kW charging, meaning 300 miles of range can be added in 20 minutes. Ian prefers the luxury of the Air versus the Model S, however its software isn't quite as good. That said, the ride quality is much better and the Air still performs just as well when it comes to acceleration and handling. Hence you get all the performance benefits without having to sacrifice comfort. Overall Ian is very happy with his Lucid, finding it be a phenomenal car. The best all-round EV on sale? Perhaps, but then again it does cost $169,000...

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