Amsterdam-based Urban Arrow has been producing its Family Cargo range of electric-assist bikes for a couple of years now. This utility-focused micro-mobility device is meant to transport you, your family, and your belongings from point A to B in comfort, efficiency, and fun—kinda like a tiny car on two wheels.

That said, Urban Arrow's Family Cargo range of electric bicycles has just been improved, making them safer, smoother, and overall better to ride, particularly on shorter, recreational journeys around town. The new 2022 Urban Arrow Family Cargo range includes a front loading cargo e-bike with several improvements, including Bosch's newest Kiox display and a new Gates Carbon Drive belt as standard equipment. The Gates Drive, which substitutes a traditional chain, is quieter and requires almost no maintenance.

Urban Arrow Updates Its Family Cargo Electric Bikes

The belt couples the Enviolo CVT to the Cargo Line Gen 4 motor from Bosch. This motor produces a snappy 85 Nm of torque, making it one of Europe's most powerful mid-drive motors. Overall, the motor is still classified as a 250W unit in order to meet European electric bicycle rules, which also means the bike is pedal-assist only and lacks a throttle. However, it is almost clear that the Bosch motor in the Cargo e-bike has a far higher peak output in order to transport such weights throughout town. In addition, Bosch has provided a 500Wh battery pack.

A revised steering tube improves stability and control at high speeds with big loads in the front cargo box, among other enhancements to the new Urban Arrow Family range of cargo bikes. A pair of four-piston Magura brakes can rapidly bring those big loads to a halt, and they are among of the most premium hydraulic disc brakes available on an electric bicycle today. The Magura brakes have an e-bike ABS system, providing further stability and safety, especially when the cargo bike is loaded to full capacity.

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